Financial Aid

Obtaining a post-secondary education requires a considerable financial investment. Students need to make a plan for their education, on both a short-term and long-term basis. Every year, millions of dollars in federal and provincial loans, grants and awards are available. Explore the web pages below for more information or contact the college or university you are applying to. Scholarships & Bursary opportunities abound.
Student Aid BC – General information. Find information, apply for a student loan, check your application status and more.

Student Aid BC – Grants & Scholarship information. There are many programs available that can help with the cost of post-secondary education. Grants and scholarships do not have to be repaid.

To apply for Full-Time student loan funding, you must be registered in a minimum of 9 credits or a 60% course load (minimum of 6 credits or a 40% course load for student with permanent disabilities).

To apply for Part-Time student loan funding, you must be registered in a minimum of 3 credits or a 20% course load, but less than 9 credits or a 60% course load.

CanLearn is the source for interactive information and tools designed to help you save, plan and pay for post-secondary education. Visit:

Learn how the government will help you with saving for school costs now so you can rely less on student loans later. Visit:

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Student Loan Estimator:

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